Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WYEGW - use negative space from a shadow feature

I decided I need to make some cards that are a little more simple, but are still way better than store bought ones. So I took the challenge of making something with the negative image from a shadow feature on the Cricut.

I used the Celebrations Cartridge and went for a birthday theme.
I made the balloon and threw it into a box for later use. I then took the negative image left behind on the paper, embossed it and backed it with pink glitter paper. I then added a little ribbon bow. I wanted there to be space on the bottom right side so I can add numbers later, when I know whom the recipient will be.

Yep, its simple but still has a little extra something that you cant buy at a store. It is also easy so I can make a bunch and have them stored for a "OMG! I forgot!" birthday card.
 Not that I have ever done that! ;)

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 100 Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop

Hello! Welcome to Erica's Craft Room
100 Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop Day Two

If you stopped by from your dashboard please start here at so you don't miss out on any of the fun projects!

Collectively the design team uses over 100 different Cricut Cartridges in their projects during the two days of this hop! There is so much talent and inspiration and PRIZES!! Erica is giving away 3 different prizes to 3 separate winners this month! One prize will be TPC Girlfriends pink papers,  one will be the Pink Journey Cricut cartridge,  and one will be a pink little cricut toy. Oh did I mention, we are going pink for breast cancer awareness this month?

Each of our projects will have pink somewhere even if it's on the back or covered up. This month each of the design team members had to choose 4 Cricut cartridges to use. I chose~
1. Storybook
2. Mini Monsters
3. Happy Hauntings
4. Create a Critter the projects.. 

This month I have used the heck out of my Storybook Cricut cartridge! My good friend was getting married and I couldn't wait to help!

I started with the wine list, she asked for a full size sheet that would be placed in a frame at the wine table. I cut a sheet of kraft board to size then cut a fancy shape with the "fit to page" function on the Cricut from a sheet of cream colored card stock. She also wanted matching Reserved table signs which I cut to be a 4x6 size.

 The table seating cards, food labels, beverage labels, and blank tags were cut to a 2x4" size.
Then the challenge of writing everything took place. :)


For her shower gift I told her I would like to make her "Thank You" cards. (because I really had no idea what to get them! LOL)
So I again used my Storybook cartridge and made simple but matching cards for her to send to all of her guests..this pic only shows 48 of them..there is another stack of 48 being made now..they are a little time consuming because the wording is so delicate, but she is worth it!
Now on to the next project!..

I love, love,love dimensional cards. So I decided to give a Center Step (or step ladder) card a try. I wanted to make it look like you were standing at the end of a giant mansions lane. I used the Happy Hauntings cartridge for the Trees, House and Tombstones. But I knew it needed more so I added a fence from Mini Monsters.

Side view so you can see the individual steps

A top view so you can more easily see the tombstones, those darn trees do a great job of keeping the place hidden! :)

OOOHH...lets move on to the next spooky card..shall we? Muahahaha!

This card is again something new to me..and as always I love making cards that do something, or look different that the traditional card.
The trees and tombstone were made using the Mini Monsters cartridge. The grass is cut by hand.
It looks fun enough as it sits..right?
But if you pull the little tab at the top...

BOO!  A scary little ghosty pops out from behind the tombstone! Hope I didn't scare you too much! LOL
 I added the spiders and ghost from the Happy Hauntings cartridge.

And now onto something a little more simple but still fun and cute!
I wanted to make something a little more simple than the other cards I have been making, but I still wanted it to be fun and different.

That's when I decided on a happy pumpkin ..

Telescoping card!
Isn't this adorable?!!
I cut the pumpkins using the Create a Critter cartridge at
2 1/4", 3", and 3 3/4". I used a shimmer orange card stock and a very dark brown card stock for the backing.


I know this post is long but I wanted to share with you some pictures of the Halloween projects I made last year.

Quad Easel card using plastic spiders and flies as props

Side Step Card using Happy Hauntings

I hope you had a good time checking out all of my sure to check out the rest of my blog to see what else you have missed out on.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Card Creating Tuesday- Angel Wings

This week I chose the challenge of creating a card using Angel Wings..what a challenge!
I finally decided on using the Indie Art Cricut has gorgeous wings! I was so impressed with them that I cannot wait to use them on something else!

But here is my project, I wanted to make a remembrance card for those that we have lost to breast cancer and to those that are still fighting.. the card is beautiful standing up but the pictures had a lot of shadows and looked bad so I opted to have it laying down.  I am super happy with how the card turned is simple but it makes a statement.
I hope you enjoyed my project and I hope that you go to and check out the other design team members use of angel wings.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween cards- non Cricut

Hi y'all!
Believe it or not, I do make things without my Cricut..sometimes you just cant.
So I thought I would share some pics from halloween past and any others that I can find to share..just to hopefully inspire you..:)

I love making fun cards!
Hope you enjoyed them as well and you are inspired to go and make your own!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Decor-Theme Day Thursday

I did it, I finally did it! I bought the Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridge last year for the 3D mansion..and had yet to make it until this week! I am so was complicated but so worth it! My son really wanted it to go along with the haunted house I made previously so so we could decorate the kitchen table and then he can play with it!
I used the thickest cardstock I had available and went to work..

I started with the first cut with the "Fit to Page" function button pushed on my cut at 7 1/2" So I continued with the rest of the cuts at the same size.
Now, to learn from my sure to keep the correct side facing outwards! As I folded the roof and attached the fence and windows, I went to placeit on top and realized I had flipped it and then it  wouldnt fit! AHHH!! LOL
It turned out so cute! I think I am going to allow my son to add this to his haunted town collection and I will make another. But this time I am going to omit all of the yellow behind the windows and place a battery operated tea light inside. I cannot wait to try it!
I hope you enjoyed my project today!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WYEGW Use as many cuts as possible

Who has the best Auntie ever?!! Lily and Johnny do!!
For my project this week I chose the challenge of using the most cuts and / or cartridges for a project.
I decided it was time to finally make the magnets for my niece and nephew. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and just haven't gotten around to it (pretty much the story of my life! LOL).
I found the idea on pinterest (of course) to get an under the car oil drip pan and use it for magnets instead of having to use a fridge (theirs is stainless and wouldn't work anyway) or painting a wall to be magnetic (I know my brother wouldn't approve of that).  Finding the pan was easy..then it was just a matter of finding the time to make all of the magnets!!
I decided to start with the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge to make them some magnetic paper dolls with changeable outfits. I cut everything at 4".
The bear, pig, and frog are from Create a Critter but they are in the pic because I had already laminated them..

After cutting everything out, I detailed it and laminated it with contact paper. I then added a piece of magnet that I cut from a long coil that I bought at JoAnns..with a coupon of course! LOL
I just LOVE them!
When I was taking pics of the laminated pieces I found that it was really difficult to get a good picture without a terrible glare so the rest of the pics are taken before I laminated them.

I then moved on to the Create a Critter cartridge because who doesn't LOVE it? And I know the kids will love all the animals!
I made almost everything the cartridge had to offer..and I swear the book was getting thicker with every page I finished! It was never ending!! LOL

The submarine came from the Lifes a Beach cartridge. I wanted to be sure johnny had a vehicle to play with under the sea :)

Can you believe how many items are on that cartridge?! YIKES!  Or should I say WOULD YOU HAVE EVER GUESSED? LOL I started to feel like I bit off more than I could chew!
128 cuts so far...YAY!!
Unfortunately I made a whole bunch of the Sesame Street characters but I cannot get the pics to load
:( BOO HOO!! I will post them as soon as I get them to load..promise! It is quite sad because those little guys are really time consuming to make..there are tons of pieces and they of course are not big pieces usually! LOL But they are sooo cute and well worth making!
So again..who has the best Auntie ever? LOL Lily and Johnny do..of course!  :)

Thanks for checking out my project this sure to check out the rest of the Design Teams take on today's challenge!