Thursday, July 26, 2012

Theme Thursday "Sleep Over"

Yay! It's Theme Day Thursday! And this is my design team post  for My Cricut Craft Room!
This week I created a card for the theme...

We decided to make a card thanking a friend for coming over for their first "official" sleep over.
It was a first for our son and his friend, and they were so excited!
So I whipped up a framed card to hold a picture that I took of them during the sleep over.

I used the Wild Card cartridge to make the frame, the Mini Monsters Cartridge for the adorable spooky monster and Plantin Schoolbook for the lettering. I also used googly eyes to finish the monster and to add a lil dimension to the card.
 Who doesnt love googly eyes?!!
It does open up to write a sentiment in it, but I decided I was going to let Gavin write that, to add a personal touch from him to Ian. And by making it a card that opens from the bottom, it allows it to stand for display! I do love functionality!

I hope you enjoyed my project this week!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Card Sketch Tuesday

Thats right! Its card creating Tuesday again! This week I chose to do the sketch project..(MCCR posts a picture of a card sketch and I have to make my version of it)..sounds fun right?! NOT! My creativity doesnt like to be bound by restrictions, it likes to do whatever it wants! LOL So this was definitely a challenge for me!  

Here is the sketch..

I will admit, I made a card and I HATED it!

Oh look, here it is now..

yep, definitely not my best work..I am sorry you had to see it. Please forgive me if I have scarred you! LOL

So after scrapping that card into the trash bin, banging my head on the wall, and finally sorting my thoughts, I came up with this..

Ahhh..yes! Much better I say!
It looks like the sketch, and I am not as ashamed of it as I was my other card :)

I cut a large scalloped circle with my cricut, and cut my dress from that. I then embossed it with my cuttlebug folder.  The border was made using my EK punch, and I kept a few swirls to add next to the dress. The hearts, rings and bells were stamps I had from Creative Imagination.

I hope you enjoyed my card, and I hope it inspires you to make something outside of your box too!
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See you next time!

Monday, July 9, 2012

This is my first official Design Team post for My Cricut Craft Room! How exciting!  I chose to make a boy card for Project Sunshine and Smiles. It is a wonderful project that Erica has put together to send happy and get-well cards to children in hospitals. It just warmed my heart to be able to do this.

So here it is....
He is just a happy little robot jumping off the card to say hello!
I decided not to make a get-well card, and just make a happy card. (I know that if I was in the hospital for long periods of time, I would want something to make me smile..and not remind me that I am sick.) I also wanted to make something that stood up so it could be placed somewhere and be seen..and to make him smile when he sees it. So I opted for an Easel Card and used the Robotz Cricut cartridge for the robot and gears.

 I used textured metallic paper to make it look like a little metal robot with matching gears surrounding him.
                                And I popped them with dimensionals to hold the card up and open for display.

I hope he makes a lil guy smile when he is received!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Barn Explosion Box

  It's official, I am a new member of Ericas Craft Room Design Team! I am so excited!
  I have never shown anyone other than my friends and family my creations and boy am I nervous! ( am so nervous that I restarted a bad habit that I havent done in at least 20 years..nail biting..ugh! My long and wonderful nails are now nothing but little nubs.)  I decided to enter a contest thrown by Erica and things started to roll from there. I didn't win the contest, but I may have won something much more meaningful..a spot on her team.
   I want to share with you the card that I made and submitted for consideration to be on the team. I was only allowed to send one photo, but there is so much more to this card than whats on the outside. Lets begin shall we?...
Shes a bute isnt she Clark?
This is my first (and possibly last) attempt at an explosion box. I made this for my some day father-in-law for his 60th birthday.  I was inspired by one that I found on by BugJunkie, you should really check her stuff out!
This is going to be a loooong blog for the simple fact that this card is so complex. (Please dont mind the date in the corner..I have yet to figure out how to set the darn thing!)
There are little mice hidden throughout the entire card. This is in the upper hay loft on the front of the card.

Left side of the barn
Back of barn

 Hay loft in the rear of the barn
 Right side of the barn.
Now Lift off the lid (hay loft) and what do you get?..
                                                                A whole lot of something!
When pigs fly!
We do love our corn here in Iowa!
Now lets get started on our chores!
Wonder whats in the pocket?

Its our chore list!
Looks like we better go to the tractor barn and get the ole tractor out.
Tractor barn

Well by golly someone tied birthday balloons to the tractor!
Next we better check for eggs in the chicken coop..
Looks like we got us some Birthday eggs!

Now we better get some carrots for supper tonight..
Looks like some-bunny else had the same idea!

That darn pig is stuck in the mud again! Better get him out!
awww..another special message.
Next we better find out what that aweful smell is in the silo.
I guess thats just the skunks way of saying it!
Eww! Better clean up the bull...poo
Now if that isn't a load of bull!
Oh No! The sheep got out! We better count them to make sure we have them all! 
Oh my, there are so many..
Yep, we got them all!
Now its time to feed the horse.
We have to lead him to his feed.
Now there is a happy horse.
Happy Birthday Stan..time for cake!  But first you better open up your birthday card!
Pull the card out of the pocket
Now hurry up and open it! Just because you are getting old doesnt mean you have to be so slow!
Yay! CAKE!!
But thats not all folks..Don't call me crazy until you have seen it all, because on the back of every page I paper pieced and hand stitched Connies favorite quilt blocks.
And finally its time for the sun to set...
(Now you can call me crazy! :))
This little project of love took me over 100 hours to complete, but the look on his face and everyone elses as they were playing along, was worth every second!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my explosion box and I hope to see you back again soon:)