Friday, August 10, 2012

3-D Flower Cart - Pinspired

I have been Pinspired yet again! I found this amazing flower cart pin on Pinterest and I knew I had to try it!
I had the perfect victim (recipient) in mind..Bens Mom! YAY! Mothers Day was coming up and I had to think fast on what to make her, then pin happened! LOL It was like a gift from the Pinterest sisterhood of craft makers, gawkers and inspirationers! (is that even a word?! LMAO) So I got on it, I went to and printed the template. I then cut everything from thin cardboard because I wanted it to be sturdy. Unfortunately not everything went together smoothly so there were a few tweaks that had to be made, but that's what keep me on my toes!
Here is the finished product..

I cut every piece of "wood" and hand embossed it to be wood grain textured. Then I added fake flowers that I just happen to have here for another project, by pulling them off the stem and hot gluing them to the top flap.  I love details on my projects!

So, not only is it the cutest flower cart, it opens up too! OH MY!! 
I added a little heart charm for her to be able to open it easier. 
And believe it or not, it even rolls just like a wheel barrow!

I love this template even though this has been my only opportunity to make one, I have stored the template in a safe place and darn well intend on using it again! :)

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