Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diamond Fold Card

I always love finding a really cool new or different fold for cards, and when I do..I cant wait to make one! When my friends Grandfather passed away, I knew I wanted to make her something different. I wanted to make a card that she could display to remember him but not have it as a constant reminder that he is gone. And this is what I came up with..

A Diamond Fold Card. I had never seen one before, it looked complicated but simple and I knew that was what I needed to make her!
Something that she can diplay, but not have the "sympathy" or "sorry for your loss" written on it.
The fold just has an interesting effect to is ever changing depending on how far you open it. I look forward to making more and seeing what else I can do with it!
If you havent made one I strongly suggest you do..just to help think outside of the square box for a bit. :) And when you do, or if you have, I would love to see it! I love being inspired!

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